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Audi showed off-road wagon A6 Allroad new generation

Audi has unveiled the new generation "tall" A6 Allroad. The Allroad version differs from other members of the A6 family, which debuted last year, with a suspension with increased ground clearance and assistance systems when driving on light off-road.
The ground clearance of the novelty at standard settings was 139 mm, which is 45 mm more than that of the conventional A6 Avant station wagon. The basic equipment includes adaptive air suspension with special settings, which changes the ground clearance depending on the road surface, as well as based on the driving speed. The maximum clearance is 184 mm.
In addition, the station wagon is equipped with a body roll control system and a hill descent assist function, which automatically limits the speed in the range from 20 to 30 km / h and can selectively brake with all or one of four wheels for a safe exit.
The engine lineup includes three three-liter V6 diesel engines of varying degrees of boost. The base motor develops 231 power and 500 Nm, while the "medium" unit produces 286 hp. and 620 Newton meters. Finally, the top-end engine develops 349 hp and 720 Newton meters.
All mild hybrid powertrains based on a 48-volt onboard system are mated to an eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.
European sales of the new generation Audi A6 Allroad all-terrain station wagon will start in June 2019. Prices start at 61.5 thousand euros (approximately 4.5 million rubles).

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