воскресенье, 8 ноября 2020 г.

Audi introduced the updated sedan and station wagon A4

Audi A4 (body index remained the same - B9) received new front and rear bumpers, fenders with a different stitching, doors with a lower waist line, as well as a modified radiator grille. The design of the grille is different and depends on the equipment. For example, conventional cars have horizontal bars in it. The S and S-line versions have a honeycomb grille structure, while the Allroad has chrome vertical gills in the manner of Audi's latest Q-line crossovers.
Restyled Audi A4 received a new engine family, which is a micro-hybrid system. A circuit with a 12- or 48-volt circuit and an additional battery is integrated into the on-board network of all modifications, which feeds most of the vehicle's electrical systems, allowing to reduce the load on the engine and, accordingly, helps to save fuel.
At the same time, the A4 lost the base 1.4 liter engine. After restyling, the initial engines for the A4 are diesel "fours" with a volume of 2 liters and 136 liters. from. (version 30 TDI) or 163 hp from. (35 TDI). An alternative to diesels is a two-liter petrol turbo engine with a 150 hp output. from. (version 35 TFSI).
Up a notch are the 40 TDI (190 HP) and 45 TFSI (249 HP) versions. The new top version S5 with a diesel engine under the hood closes the line of modifications. The three-liter "six" with turbochargers develops 347 liters. from. and 700 Nm. However, this version will not be presented in Russia.

In addition, the car received a new MMI multimedia system with a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a set of services that allow you to monitor traffic: load traffic jams in real time and even "catch" a green wave of traffic lights.

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