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Audi introduced the updated crossover Q7

Audi has unveiled a restyled version of its flagship Q7 crossover. The car has received an updated exterior and interior design, modernized power units, as well as a number of new options.
The exterior of the Q7 has been refreshed in the spirit of the new Audi A6 and A7. The car received a new octagonal grille with six vertical slats, which echoes the grill of the new Q8 and Q3, as well as updated bumpers with larger air intakes.
The crossover has got a new head optics, which will now be available in three versions. The "base" of the Q7 relies on a fully diode head light. Matrix optics is a step higher - such headlights can turn off a segment in the light beam, so as not to blind oncoming drivers. The latest laser headlights will be available as an option.
In addition, the rear end was redesigned. The fifth door received other stampings, and the lanterns changed shape and also became completely diode. Moreover, dynamic turn signals can be ordered as an option for the latter.
Inside the Q7, there is a new i-cocpit dashboard with two large touchscreen displays on the center console in the style of the new A7. The upper touchscreen is responsible for the operation of the multimedia system, and with the help of the lower one you can control the air conditioner. In addition, the Q7 now has a digital instrument cluster, a new voice assistant, and Amazon Alexa services.
The technical stuffing of the Q7 has also been upgraded. From now on, all versions of the crossover are so-called soft hybrids. An electric motor-generator is integrated into the automatic transmission of all modifications, which is powered by an additional 48-volt on-board network. The electric motor plugs in during acceleration to reduce the load on the motor, and also spins the wheels while coasting while the main motor is off to reduce fuel consumption.
At the same time, the very line of internal combustion engines remained the same. Audi Q7 is offered with two three-liter diesel "sixes" with a return of 231 hp. (45 TDI version) and 286 (50 TDI version) hp, as well as a supercharged petrol V6, which produces 340 (55 TFSI version) horsepower.

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