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Aston Martin AM-RB001: fresh information on the new hypercar

In February of this year, the premiere of the new hypercar Aston Martin AM-RB001 will take place at the Motor Show in the Canadian city of Toronto. It is also planned to show the car at the Geneva Motor Show, which is slated for March 2017.
Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said that the new AM-RB001 will be a sports car that will set the direction of the automotive industry in the coming decades. The novelty will become desirable for every collector and just a lover of expensive sports cars.
The AM-RB001 will receive a naturally aspirated twelve-cylinder engine with a thousand horsepower and a volume of about seven liters. It is planned to additionally equip this hypercar with an electric motor, which will add another 80 horsepower. A sequential gearbox has been developed specifically for the new Aston Martin, capable of absorbing the enormous torque of the engine. The maximum speed of the new car will exceed four hundred kilometers per hour. The new AM-RB001 will also receive a gull wing and one plus one landing.
Aston Martin emphasizes that the development of the hypercar was carried out in close cooperation with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, and Adrian Newey, who is the designer of numerous Red Bull championship cars, was responsible for the aerodynamics and technical part of the AM-RB001. The new AM-RB001 will be produced in a limited edition of 150 pieces.
Over the next few years, Aston Martin plans to expand its offering by unveiling two new sedans, three sports cars, a crossover and an undisclosed flagship model.

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